Scary Honesty

In this season of witches, monsters, and ghouls, what is even scarier? From my personal experience, it’s being vulnerably honest.

by Toby Ord

If we tell our truth, will they belittle us, or will they yell at us, or will they ignore us, criticize us, or leave us?

So many reasons to not risk speaking from our heart.

And yet, on those occasions when we do tell our truth, we find great connection in risking being vulnerable.

When someone asks, “What’s wrong?” We can either say, “Oh, I’m okay …” OR “I’m sad because my dog died, and I really miss her.”

When it appears confrontational, we can stay silent. OR We can say, “I’m hurt and frustrated, because I wanted consideration for my needs too.”

Silence may meet some of our needs. Often at a huge cost. Holding back eventually has a hurtful internal effect on us – our health, our emotional well-being, our happiness – and even our relationship with others.

I’m inviting you to my November 3rd workshop where you’ll learn “How to be Honest and Stay True to Yourself.” I’ll help make honesty not so scary.

Come if you dare!  🙂

Click below for the workshop flyer. I’d love you to share it with your friends!

How to Stay Honest and True to Yourself


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