Coming Home to Who You Are

Dave Richo
Dave Richo

Dave Richo and I have a similar passion – “Coming Home to Who You Are: Love, Integrity, and Compassion.” I attended his recent workshop of the same name where we began by reading his poem:

May I show all the love I have
In any way I can
Here, now, and all the time,
To everything and everyone,
Including me,
Since love is what we are
–and why.
Now nothing matters more
Or gives me greater joy.

To be congruent with “May I show all the love I have … to everything and everyone including me,” Dave suggested that we say “no” to any form of hurt or harm. Careful that our “no” is not out of retaliation. Rather because we’re taking care of our needs. Loving ourself. And the other as well.

Dave’s recommendations on how to act in relationship, when hurt occurs:
• For relationships we value greatly, say “ouch!” Then within no more than 30 days, take action. Open a dialogue, see a coach or counselor, …
• For other relationships, say nothing and back away.

I love the innocence in “ouch!” The child-like simplicity. No need to fret over words for now. Just a simple “ouch!” will do.

How loving is it, for ourselves, to free our hearts from any obstacles between us and those dear to us within 30 days! How loving for them as well that we heal any disconnections and bring awareness to patterns of hurt and harm.

Finally, I appreciate the kindness to simply move away from folks – when we feel hurt – without hurting back.

If you chose to practice Dave’s recommendations, how would your life be different? Would you feel more at ease, enjoy more closeness, have greater peace of mind, or is there something else?

To listen to Dave’s full talk, click here:

2 thoughts on “Coming Home to Who You Are

  1. Thanks for this, Teresa. The suggestion that we say “no” to any form of hurt or harm not out of retaliation rather from love of self and other is a powerful reminder.


  2. I love the idea of giving ourselves a set time to take action when hurt occurs – 3, 30, 50 100 days .. but don’t let a hurt pass without dialog. Thanks Teresa for the reminder that nothing matters more than love.


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