Springtime Renewal and Change

Now that spring is in the air with renewed warmth and new life blossoming all around us, I’m celebrating this seasonal renewal and rebirth with some news for you: 

Photo courtesy of Deepta Singh
Photo courtesy of Deepta Singh
  •  I’m excited to say that I’ve re-written many of my web pages and added a photo on each page for your viewing pleasure!
  •  I’ve changed my business name from Teresa Rose Consulting to Teresa Rose Coaching to reflect where my heart is most strongly connected – with empathic coaching, the foundation of all of my work.
  •  AND … drum roll please … 🙂 … I’m offering a workshop on May 18th – called “Making Peace with the Inner Critic” –  the process that dramatically changed my life. 

Springtime can be a time to check in with ourselves to see what needs changing to attune more with ourselves and to experience the ease and confidence that comes. 

  •   Is it a conversation you want to have to clear up something that is lingering in your thoughts?
  •   Is it some order you want in your outer world to help support your inner sense of peace?
  •   Is it a sense of community you’re wanting so you feel less alone and experience a greater sense of belonging? 

If you are interested in support along your journey, I invite you to contact me at 650 787-6527 or email me at Teresa@TeresaRoseCoaching.com to set up a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation. 

I’m wishing for you that all of your springtime dreams come true!



4 thoughts on “Springtime Renewal and Change

  1. Teresa, I love the lightness and clarity of your web site, the colors of spring, and the offerings for change and for self renewal


    1. Thank you, Irma, for letting me know how much you enjoy the changes!


  2. very inviting! love the colors too. it’s fun to be here with two of my old NVC buddies!


    1. I’m glad it feels inviting to you, Val, and happy for the occasion for a little reunion!


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