Seizing the Moment


Photo courtesy of Stefke M
Photo courtesy of Stefke M

Do you ever miss out on opportunities?  I have.

Several months ago I went to the doctor’s office where not too long ago my son received 4 stitches for a cut on his face.  This time I had the cut.

By chance it was the same doctor.  Upon my request, he came out of his room to check my cut to see if I needed stitches before I committed to the procedure and the cost.

With a smile, he told me that he’d be happy to take my money, but that I’d have a small scar whether I had stitches or not.  As he gently touched my forehead to examine it, he recommended I use a butterfly bandage and put some vitamin E oil on it.

I enjoyed his humor, his competent, and caring way.  Oh, and he was a handsome man.  So I enjoyed looking at him.  I felt attracted to him.

I said “thanks” and left the urgent care facility.

As I was leaving, I heard a little voice within saying, “Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know this guy?”

In the past, that little voice – that knew what I truly wanted – would have been drowned out by my inner critic voice that was trying to keep me safe but would have ended up limiting me.  “Would the doctor reject me?”  “Would I feel humiliated and diminished?”  “Girls don’t initiate these kinds of things!”  “What would they think of me!”

What freedom I felt when I walked back into the office!  I walked right past the receptionist into the doctor’s room and told him how much I enjoyed him.  He lit up with my words.  I liked seeing his glowing reaction.  It gave me courage and the cue to ask him if he’d like to get together for tea sometime.  He said he’d have to check with his wife.  I was surprised and a little lacking in skills at this point. Again, in his kind way, he helped me out by asking if I’d write a testimonial for him on his business website to show my enjoyment of him.  We both smiled, and soon after I left.

When I got outside, I felt celebratory to have acted on my inner impulse!  To see beyond the old beliefs about myself and others.  To see clearly.  To risk asking for what I wanted.  To have no regrets.  TO SEIZE THE MOMENT!!  … and ultimately to be true to myself (after all that’s what I’m about, as you know.)

I make it my intention to make peace with my inner critic, to listen to that little voice within me, and to seize the moment … and to gain what might have been lost.

If you’d like the same and to practice in the company of others so you’re not alone, I invite you to join us at my upcoming May 18th workshop, Making Peace with the Inner Critic.

We’ll seize the moment together!


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