Waking Up to an Inner Critic Attack – Literally and Figuratively Part 2

Photo courtesy of Wing-Chi Poon
Photo courtesy of Wing-Chi Poon

I want to continue from last week’s blog, “Waking Up to an Inner Critic Attack – Literally and Figuratively,” because there’s an essential aspect that I want to talk about.

A key part in this waking up from our inner critic voices is not being alone in our feelings and needs – this time around.

We may have had to bear disappointment alone when we were children.  Sometimes overwhelming disappointment.  While not being consistently received by those closest to us.

As adults we can orchestrate things differently.  We can be received now – even if it didn’t happen as we would have wanted the first time.

I used to tell myself a story that I could do it alone, probably because I didn’t know otherwise.  I didn’t believe that there might be someone consistently lovingly there for me.

It required my inner strength to break out of that story, to make myself worthy of being received, and to begin to trust that it was possible for me too.  And eventually to know the difference between the stories and the truth of who I am.

If you would like to re-discover what it is to be truly yourself and you’re asking me how, I suggest you create a relationship with a mentor, teacher, therapist, counselor, or coach to be there for you.  Receiving you and all that you’re about.

If you’re interested in my coaching, I would be honored for you to inquire with me here on my individual coaching webpage, by emailing me at Teresa@TeresaRoseCoaching.com, or by calling me at 650 787-6527 for a phone consultation.

In peace and love, Teresa

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