My Divorce and the Mind-Body Connection: What I Learned

I wouldn’t have believed it unless it happened to me.  And it did.

My blood pressure reading
My blood pressure reading

About 8 years ago my husband and I separated. It took 5 years for our divorce to become final.  These were highly stressful years as we tried to work out agreements – complicated by many things. Sometimes it felt like my security was at stake. Other times my very survival. Sadly my ex-husband passed away last summer.

Several years into it, my blood pressure went up. My doctor recommended I take medication.  At first I resisted.  My blood pressure was always low!  In the end I agreed.  The numbers were convincing, and the consequences weren’t worth it.

Flash forward to a few months ago – still on the medication.  I went to donate blood.  They found that my blood pressure was 108/66.

Apparently my blood pressure was returning to a healthy level. My doctor was a little incredulous.  Even with my parents’ longtime history of high blood pressure. My blood pressure was back down.  My doctor and I agreed that I would stop taking the medication.

This morning my blood pressure was 114/73 – as low as when I was in high school.

I attribute this change to doing my own emotional “work” – connecting over and over with what I’m feeling and needing.  Letting my feelings flow like a child.  Grieving what it is that I am wanting and not getting.  Being with my feelings  no matter what.

Healing my heart, my mind, AND my body.

I believe in these kinds of “miracles.”

In peace and love, Teresa

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