Sorry for Any Confusion

I absolutely welcome your comments, responses, questions – to my blog posts – in any form whatsoever.

Photo courtesy of Nova
Photo courtesy of Nova
  • By personal email
  • By writing directly on the blog post on my website
  • By commenting on Facebook
  • By US post

A few weeks ago, in the P.S. of one of my posts I wrote something about how we could form like-minded community if you reply through Facebook.

I received comments from some readers.  “I don’t use Facebook; is it okay if I continue to email you privately?”  “What I’m writing is personal; is it okay to email you?”  I’m guessing that if some asked questions, there may be others with similar questions.

My answer is ABSOLUTELY!  I LOVE to hear from you in any form.  What’s important to me is to hear what gets touched in you – if you’d like to share it with me.

And for those of you who do not comment, that’s fine with me too.

I want for you to communicate to whatever level is comfortable for you and in whatever medium you prefer.

I hope my message is clear. However you come, is just right with me.

I invite you to let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to hear from me or if you’re touched in any way by what I’ve written.

In peace and love, Teresa

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