I Just Bought a Pair of Unflattering Shorts


… and I’m celebrating it!

My new black shorts
My new black shorts

They’re not the sleek black lycra form-fitting variety – all about looks – that I normally wear.

These are loose black cotton no-name shorts with a drawstring at the waist – designed for pure comfort.  Ahhh …

I didn’t dare buy unflattering shorts before or I’d hear:  “What’s up with you!  You need to pull in your belly!”  “What will others think of you if you wear those … yuck!”

Those voices in my head developed in me some time ago to protect me when I didn’t feel completely accepted just as I was.  The thought was, if only this was “just right” about me – like a flat belly – then I’d be accepted.

Over time I’ve listened to these old beliefs with an empathic ear and grieved –  with sweet tears – the loss of pure and unconditional acceptance of myself.

It’s not that I’m completely healed and free of those voices representing my old hurts.  I’m just free enough to buy a pair of unflattering shorts.

And it feels good to accept my own self more and more unconditionally. Being true to myself.

I have a sense of inner peace and relaxation and even a sense of playfulness about it.

When my teenage son saw me wearing the unflattering shorts, he told me to change right away and to throw them away.  I responded, “I promise to only wear them in dark alleys.”  🙂

Do you long for unconditional self-acceptance too?  What is it that you’d really like to do that the voices in your head keep you from doing?

In peace and love, Teresa

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