A Sweet Response

A friend and I are planning a vacation together for next March.  She already had plans to go.  Then she invited me along.

I’ve felt happy she invited me and excited to join her.  Also, feeling special to be invited.  Appreciating feeling valued by her.

Photo courtesy of Balkhovitin
Photo courtesy of Balkhovitin

A couple of days ago we were talking about our upcoming adventure when she said, “I’m glad to have someone go with me!”

Right away I could tell I was upset.  I didn’t want to be just any someone.  I wanted to be someone special.

Even though the grown up part of me knows that I am someone special to my friend, the younger part of me who didn’t feel so special growing up is still unsure at times.

In response I wrote my friend the following email:  “When I heard you say today that you were happy to be going with someone, right away I wanted to be more than just someone.  I wanted to be someone special.  I’m saying this to you – ‘out loud’ –  so my inner little girl gets acknowledged for what she wants.  At the same time I know I’m someone special to you, and that feels good.”

It was important to me for my little girl to be seen – no hiding her precious feelings and needs!  There’s something so profoundly transformative about taking the risk to be honestly who I truly am.  And to be witnessed!

Two minutes later I got her email response …

“You are indeed someone … someone special … I am so happy you are coming with me.”

What a sweet response!  I loved hearing those supportive words from my friend.  My heart happily drank them in.

I find that the more transparent and vulnerable I am with others, the deeper our connections are.  And the greater the peace, health, and well-being within me.

Are there times you’ve celebrated, where taking the risk to reveal your feelings and needs, has reaped surprising, sweet responses?  I’d love to hear.  🙂

In peace and love, Teresa

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