Why I Love NVC


I love Nonviolent Communication (NVC), because …

  • Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC gave me the structure to move away from the paradigm of right and wrong and blaming which I found to be painful and disconnecting. Marshall actually gives us permission and even encourages us to feel and need.  I began feeling and needing.  And now I feel alive with feelings and needs.  Yay!

    Photo courtesy of Werner Pichler
    Photo courtesy of Werner Pichler
  • I enjoy the sweet support from within NVC community. It’s given me the courage to take risks.  I remember some of my firsts attempts at honesty.  While telling others that I wanted credit –to be seen – for my contributions, I would hear inner critic voices from my childhood, “Don’t be a swell head!” Courageously I tested the waters naming the needs alive in me.  And surprisingly I was tenderly received.  Others would tell me how it touched them that I trusted them with my vulnerability.  Now I love the sweet taste of authentic freedom, even when it feels vulnerable.
  • I have developed amazing friendships with other NVC folks who also long for heartful, honest connection.  And when we courageously express our unmet needs of one another (formerly known as “conflict”), we use our NVC skills of empathy and authenticity to get to the bottom of whatever it is with care and courage.  And when this happens, our relationship grows a deeper bond.  Last weekend a friend and I had this type of talk. Later that evening I got a text from her expressing her gratitude for what a sweet evening she’d had.  Who knew that “conflict” could be so connecting!
  • I’ve developed the skills to help settle conflict between other folks.  I’m especially remembering the conflicts between my mom and her caregiver. What a gift it was to bring my empathic and authentic presence to them.
  • I’ve learned skills to express myself so that I’m more likely to get heard – something I‘ve longed for at my depths.  I have the sense that being heard is one of our most precious human needs.  When I’ve been fully heard, I feel satisfied in a way like no other.
  • On a daily basis I get to celebrate and savor the shift in who I am with NVC consciousness and what I bring to the world.  🙂

 I’m so excited to hear!  What is it that you love about NVC?

In peace and love, Teresa

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