In Christy's Honor

I met Christy Svanemyr about seven years ago at our mutual coaching school, New Ventures West.  I immediately felt and admired her qualities of joyfulness, brilliance, sweetness, and brightness of spirit. In Christy’s words, she wanted “… to try to do as much as possible to make this world a kinder, gentler place for our sons and daughters to be in.”

Christy Svanemyr and her family
Christy Svanemyr and her family

Last Thursday someone tragically drove over Christy while she was sunbathing at a San Francisco park with her 11 month old daughter, Isa, and their family dog, Ponyo.

The co-owner of New Ventures West, James Flaherty, posted these words to Facebook about Christy. “… My heart is broken-she was brilliant like no one else and lit up the life of everyone she met. She continually amazed me with her courage and tenderness. She was the heart of our company-a pillar of strength and reliability and always kind and insightful. An honor to know and an inspiration forever.”

My sense is that Christy was one of those rare self-realized beings.  She realized her own essential value, and we were touched by its luminosity.

When I read of her death, I was shocked and heart-broken at the same time.  I cried at my computer while I read with disbelief.  I wept for her daughter and the precious moments she’ll miss with her amazing mother.  I wept for her husband and the loss of his irreplaceable soul mate and companion.  I wept for the even greater legacy Christy would have left in the world. 

I’m reminded of life’s impermanence.  And its preciousness.

Vegar Svanemyr, her husband, recently wrote, “… Christy was a vehicle for a profound and tremendous force in this world, and this is what I think we are all sensing. While I miss her smell and the feeling of her skin and the looks in her eyes, I feel her true, beautiful essence everywhere. I am so overwhelmed with the loss and all the support from her and from you. In our daily routines we get caught up in drama and boredom, but maybe you can take some time to appreciate the people next to you? The quirks and faults and brilliance and beauty is all right there!”

Let’s appreciate the quirks and faults and brilliance and beauty in the people next to us and in ourselves … in Christy’s honor.

In peace and love, Teresa

P.S.  If you’re moved to contribute to the Christy Svanemyr Family Fund, click here.


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