Slowing Down

Every time I have a birthday, like today’s, it gives me pause to consider my life.

Photo courtesy of Laitche
Photo courtesy of Laitche

A friend who is older than I commented that his life has gone by quickly and that he expects the rest to go by even more quickly.

His comment put what I’ve been doing into perspective.  I’ve been experimenting more and more with slowing down.  From a human doing to a human being.

When I was a child, I remember so enjoying my food.  The corner of the French toast tasted best so I would save it for last. I remember when I was in college I ate so slowly that I was just about the last person to leave the dining hall.

Somehow I sped up over the years.  I lost touch with the value of the French toast corner as I engaged in all the have-tos.  I have to do this, and I have to do that.  To be responsible for more than my share.  Out of duty and obligation.  And to get everything perfect so we’d all be safe and happy.  Whooh!

As I’ve been understanding and metabolizing the have-tos and thoughts I had about what I supposed to do, I don’t have so much to control, manage, keep us safe from anymore.  I’ve found myself relaxing and slowing down naturally as I trust myself and life more.  There’s less doing and more being.

Lately I’ve been practicing intentionally slowing my eating and really tasting the food.  It’s a thrill to experience the flavors.  The simple pleasure of having taste buds and food to taste.  🙂

I’m taking moments in the day to rest into the present moment – sitting in my backyard swing watching the hummingbirds fly into the garden for their nectar.  Savoring the magnificent magenta color on their throats, their wings a blur, and then their meeting up with a hummingbird companion, and flying away.  Letting every cell take it in.

Slowing down is healing.  The beauty of nature is healing.  And life feels richer and more alive resting into the present moment.

How would it be for you to slow down and savor the moment?

In peace and love, Teresa

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