NVC Classes Offering for January

A few weeks ago a fleeting thought came into my consciousness.  Someone wasn’t doing what I wanted, and she “should” have been!  I felt angry at that person.

Photo courtesy of Hans Hillewaert
Photo courtesy of Hans Hillewaert

The angry thought was a stimulus for a tightening in my heart.

When I felt the tightening in my heart – the bodily pain of the anger and the suffering that the anger caused, I automatically connected to tenderness for myself.   Self-empathy.  I mad and sad to not get what I wanted.

The tightening in my heart and the self-empathy was a stimulus for imagining what was going on for this person that she wasn’t meeting my needs.  Was she afraid?  Was she protecting herself?  When I had empathy for her – taking in her humanity, I felt a sweet, softening warmth throughout my body.

Because my anger has not always taken this empathic trajectory :), it was a celebration.  I felt joyful that practicing the skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) have given me these capabilities.  For myself and for others whose lives I touch.

If you’d like to come practice the skills of empathy that I used to make this internal shift, join us for a series of 5 classes on NVC starting on January 7, 2014.

Where:  The Congregational Church of San Mateo (CCSM), at 225 Tilton Avenue, San Mateo, 94401

Dates:  1- 7, 1-21, 2-4, 2-18, 3-4 (5 Tuesday evenings  – every other week)

Time:  7 to 9 p.m.

Fee:  $50 donation for the series or contribute $10/class if that better meets your financial needs (CCSM is subsidizing my usual fee for this class series.)

Registration:  The classes in this series build upon each other; so if you register, please plan on attending all the classes.  To register you can contact me by email at Teresa@TeresaRoseCoaching.com or by phone at 650 787-6527.  Registration is limited to 25 people.

I look forward to meeting you!

In peace and love, Teresa

P.S.  Some words about me from Dorothy Kogl, a retired college teacher who was one of the members of the recent Practice & Learn NVC group I led:

“Teresa not only knows the theory of Nonviolent Communication she also modeled how to listen empathetically and showed us how to identify and express feelings and needs.  I learned valuable, new skills in her class. Teresa is a compassionate, caring person who practices what she teaches.”

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