More and More Vulnerable

After I wrote and published last week’s blog post, “Knowing That We’re Lovable and Loved,” I received an email from a reader.  She said that she wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for the affirmations I was asking for in that post.  I’m guessing she understood that to be my message.

Photo courtesy of Lukas Messmer
Photo courtesy of Lukas Messmer

I responded that my intention for posting to my blog and sharing my personal story is to inspire others to greater and greater vulnerability – in whatever way was right for them.

She emailed back that she was excited to hear that and told me what was important in her life right now.

Greater and greater vulnerability means connecting to our heartful truth and being more honest.  And being true to ourselves – as the tagline on my website says.

My empathic coaching and conflict resolution business and my personal spiritual practice have the same foundation – Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

NVC is a vulnerability practice.  It guides us to move from inward and outward judgment to connect with our feelings.  Our feelings take us to our heart’s desire and what we’re needing:  love, safety, acknowledgement, to be heard, …   And lastly we may request of ourselves or of another what we’re needing/wanting/desiring.  Whether it’s to be heard or for empathy for what’s up or for an actual action, like my request of my family to know what they celebrated about me.

Identifying feelings and needs is vulnerable, and making a request to have needs met can feel even scarier.

Our masks are there to protect us.  Keep us safe.  When we’re ready, as we step into our vulnerability with our feelings and needs – first identifying them for ourselves and then sharing them with others – we become more transparent, more ourselves.

Being sad when we’re sad, happy when we are, frustrated when we’re frustrated, … more alive to our human nature – and our universal human needs.

How would it be for you to be more and more vulnerable?  More and more transparent?  More and more connected to your own humanness?  And as a result more and more connected to the humanity of others?

In peace and love, Teresa

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