This first video is of Brene Brown, Ph.D. With wit and humor, she describes how vulnerability and authenticity contribute to connection.

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Here’s Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. He’s the creator of Nonviolent Communication. In this video, he gives an overview of his life’s work.

[youtube_sc url=”-dpk5Z7GIFs” title=”Non-Violent%20Communication%20from%20Marshall%20Rosenberg” modestbranding=”0″ autohide=”1″ rel=”0″]


In this video, you’ll hear from Yannai Kashtan who is being raised by parents who are practicing Nonviolent Communication. He talks about how it is for him.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Miki%20Kashtan%20interviews%20Yannai%20Kashtan,%20June%202011″ modestbranding=”0″ autohide=”1″ rel=”0″]



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