All of my offerings are grounded in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Why NVC?  In my work I use NVC, a form of compassionate communication and compassionate self-listening.  With NVC we attune to the basic human feelings and needs underlying our judgments and evaluations.

When we practice NVC it is possible to free ourselves from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, reconnect with ourselves, and from here, discover deeper, more meaningful connection in all of our relationships.

NVC is a process that helps us develop a new relationship with conflict – one in which conflict is an opportunity for greater connection rather than disconnection.

Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., international peacemaker and psychologist, developed NVC in the 1960’s.  The NVC process has been used around the globe in over 60 countries with organizations, warring tribes, families, and individuals.  Recently Marshall was named by Oprah Winfrey as one of seven men who are transforming the world. For more information, about the Center for Nonviolent Communication, please see

Many people who practice NVC enjoy that transformation happens in every aspect of their lives.

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